Lettie's Place

Relax and travel home sweet home with The Needle's Notion.

Many of my needlework creations are updated versions of nostalgic designs, sayings and techniques. I usually have an idea in mind when I begin designing, but sometimes the needle seems to have a mind of its own.

That's why I decided to name my business The Needle's Notion. I begin with an idea, add a bit of fun and allow my needle to guide me in creating unique needlework designs.

Frogs play leapfrog in a pond. Skaters create a sampler by etching an alphabet on the ice. Colorful flowers pop up from the ground with tiny letters on their faces. But no matter what the subject matter of my designs may be, my true goal is to make people feel happy.

I hope you find enjoyment in recreating my fanciful designs!

Lettie Eckberg